Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello There, Long Time No Original Post

I am struggling with this whole blogging idea.  I just don't know if I have that much to say.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot going on in my life.  Two weeks ago I enjoyed the company of almost 300 of my closest friends (seriously -- 300) at a reunion of the Jewish youth group that I belonged to in the 70s, B'nai Brith Youth Organization/B'nai Brith Girls.  It was amazing to see so many people that I shared my teenage years (and all of those milestones of life) with.  This is a picture of myself and three lovely women with whom I have been friends with for many, many years.  In fact, the two women on the right and left, Melanie and Glenda respectively, I have been friends with since kindergarten.  Yes, you read that right.  In fact, Glenda's Mom and my Mom were co-leaders of our brownie troop.  The lovely lady in Blue, Jody, we met when we were around thirteen.  We were all so happy that night and hopefully we will all continue to stay connected.  Facebook and email will make this easier.

Because this is a blog about my jewelry, this is one of my newer pieces.  It's jasper and bali silver and really looks lovely on.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.  I am meeting Melanie (from the picture above) on Saturday for a crop with her scrapbooking friends.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her and making art with my old friend.

Enjoy your days and talk to you all soon.

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  1. 300 friends? wow, and its amazing you are still friends with two from Kindergarten...I thought being friends with one of mine since our children were in kindergarten is amazing...but you have a wonderful life....and for blogging, same here, sometimes we just dont have anything to say, but thats ok too....I like your blog, you see I am a beader and craft person, and sometimes I dont have time for, work, being a mom, being a grandma...all get in the way..but thats good, life is what happens to you, so enjoy it....and in between blog about it, when you have a chance....your jewelry is beautiful..


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