Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Movie Madness (or lack thereof)

Fall Swirl Focal
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One of my weekend mainstays for years has been watching a video or two. With the advent of "on demand" viewing, I have been depending upon HBO and Cinemax for my weekend movie fix. Lately I have been disappointed. This weekend I could find nothing that I was interested in watching. Last weekend I watched the HBO mini-series "Angels in America" and I more than highly recommend this beautifully moving series to anybody who has ever loved anybody. In otherwords, devote the 6 plus hours and watch it. Beautiful.

The beads I've posted here as an example of my early work in polymer clay. The three larger beads are hand-formed (the green beads, glass). The colors hand-blended.  I had just started making beads when I made these fall inspired beads. The shaping has a lot to be desired. However, when I look at these beads, I feel proud and happy. My first beads ... sigh ... I believe I've really grown.

Have a wonderous Monday.

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