Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

I have been pondering over where to start with my blog. I know that I need some pictures of my work and those are coming shortly, but I wanted to start before that. I wanted this blog partially to document my progress with the Bead Journal Project, as well as my feelings about reconnecting with my biological family, a place to show my work, -- there's my desire to share my bead addiction with others and then there's the polymer part and, probably most importantly, my quest to just share myself. What am I getting to, you may ask? (Look, I tend to ramble in my thoughts, my speech, my art. It's no surprise that I will have a ramble of a blog.) Anywhoodle, my idea for my BJP is to do 12 pieces the size of ATCs (artist's trading cards) which are 2.5 x 3.5". My plan is for each card to describe a different aspect of myself that I like. In making my list, I have come up with 24 words to describe things that I like about me. Since I am working on loving myself and getting to know myself, I found this to be amazing. I also thought, what a great start to my blog!

Here goes. I am (in no particular order): sweet, lovely, tall, smart, sassy, strong, brave, silly, warm, adventurous, loyal, kind, honest, handy, pretty, loving, tender, comforting, caring, artistic, and I am a helper, dreamer, idealist and a believer.

So, welcome again and stick around. I'm pretty cool!

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