Saturday, February 2, 2013

Me, on a Design Team? YES!

I was very excited when I was contacted by Bill Zhang from Znetshows to participate in Znetshows' design team for the upcoming Tuscon bead shows.  Thrilled is more like it.  Bill selected 25 designers from Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Projects to be on the team.  He sent each of us a very generous box of their new sea glass components (and other things like crystals and brass components) and asked that we create as many projects as we wanted, photograph them and send them back to him in a little over a week.  I received beautiful deep red and orange glass.  I made the three pieces that you see here.  The necklace to the left with the red sea glass pendant, is my favorite.  I used my polymer clay beads in the design and wire wrapped crystals and the brass that Znet sent into the piece.  It looks lovely on the neck.  The other two pieces are more playful and beachy.  I really love how they came out, but unfortunately they weren't chosen to be shown in Tuscon.  I really need to figure out a way to take better pictures, because I'm sure if the selection committee saw the pieces in person, they might have made the grade.  The experience was a good one, though and got my pliers all warmed up for the upcoming Bead Soup Blog Party, No. 7.  It will be my 5th party!  I've already put together my soup and am just waiting to see where the package will go.  Thank you so much to Lori Anderson and to Bill Zhang for having asked me to participate. 

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  1. Great pieces. I only had time to get 4 pieces made from their great sea glass components, but they took 3 of them to Tucson. So exciting. I hadn't ever been asked to do anything like that either. Talk about an ego boost. LOL Love what you did.


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