Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Seventh Annual Bead Soup Blog Party, but, I Plead the Fifth

I've come to look forward to the annual Bead Soup Blog Parties like the holiday that it deserves to be.  I plan weeks in advance what beads I want to send, change my mind and plan again.  Then I start pulling the beads from my stash.  I usually start with something that I've made, be it one of my polymer pendants, or a set of beads or both.  Then I start to pull other ingredients for the soup that my partner will make with the selection.

I've recently decided to focus more on designing of finished pieces than making polymer components.  I so enjoy the design process, even if I do things a little differently.  Most designers that I know start by sketching out their designs on paper.  I hold the beads in my hand and sketch in my head.  After I get a design made in my mind, I lay it out on my bead board or mat and go from there.  I love that beads and wire and other bits and bobs come together to make something beautiful. 

This round of bead soup is the 7th party.  It will be the 5th time that I've participated.  I can't wait to see who, out of the 500 or so designers I get paired with and what they do paired with DoBeDoBeadDo.  Stay tuned to this spot for work in progress and then come back on April 13th for the final reveal.  Thank you to my readers for sticking with me and for all of your wonderful support!

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  1. I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.


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